Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre Embraces the Wisdom of Ageing for Timeless Beauty

As time goes by, our skin, like changing seasons, follows a natural ageing course. However, certain factors can accelerate this process, resulting in premature ageing through uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Although skin ageing generally commences in the mid-30s, some encounter these changes earlier. Skincentric at Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre (BTMC) is a one-of-its-kind centre in Malaysia to combine both plastic surgery and dermatology services, prioritising patient well-being with personalised solutions.

Consulting the Right Expert

Consulting dermatological experts and embracing personalised treatments can significantly shape the course of skin ageing.

Skincentric offers various skin rejuvenation treatments like chemical peels, Pico lasers and fractional lasers that enhance skin metabolism and texture. Bioremodelling treatments like polynucleotide, stem cell injections, and hyaluronic acid injections contribute to skin revitalisation. Skincentric also offers radiofrequency, microneedling, and high-intensity focused ultrasound treatments to–tighten sagging skin. Customised botox and filler injections are available to combat signs of ageing. It is worth noting that individual outcomes vary, and multiple sessions may be required for desired results.


Impact of Lifestyle on Skin Ageing

Lifestyle choices are an integral part of the narrative of skin ageing. Elevating proactive skincare and embracing mindful living can exert a discernible influence over this journey.

Dr Goh Siew Wen, a distinguished Consultant Dermatologist at BTMC, dispels common misconceptions. UVA rays possess the uncanny ability to permeate glass, and the blue radiance of indoor lighting accelerates pigmentation and ageing. As such, strong sun protection, emphasised by consistent sunblock application, emerges as a crucial defence against the gradual progression of ageing.

Dr Goh shares yet another myth – discontinuing aesthetic interventions does not hasten ageing; rather, maintaining diligent skincare practices is key. Ingredients like retinoids, antioxidants, and peptides stand as sentinels against the advancement of fine lines and pigmentation.

Diet also holds importance. Antioxidant-rich foods like papaya, pumpkin, tomato, and cherries counteract the free radicals that catalyse ageing. Minimising sugar and grilled meat intake curb the formation of harmful glycated proteins. Supplements such as Vitamins C, E, evening primrose oil, Enzyme CoQ10, and hydrolysed collagen foster rejuvenation.

A holistic lifestyle, including regular exercise and abstaining from smoking, makes a considerable contribution to skin health.

Safety as the Top Priority

Safety is of utmost importance at BTMC. Following the recommended intervals acts as a safeguard against potential risks. Dr Goh advises exercising caution and being well-informed about potential side effects. Excessive invasive treatments can lead to negative outcomes. It is crucial to seek treatment from licensed medical facilities and follow the advice of qualified professionals.

Sustaining the Momentum of Skin Health

Combining treatments with a personalised skincare routine that includes antioxidants enhances the effectiveness of anti-ageing strategies. Sun protection, before and after procedures helps reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation.

In summary, the treatment options at Skincentric empower individuals to guide their skin’s health as they navigate the process of ageing. By grasping the essence of skin ageing, choosing appropriate treatments and embracing the insights that come with the passage of time, individuals can navigate their personal journey with grace.

Dr Goh's parting words resonate – comprehend the core of skin ageing, opt for appropriate treatments, and stride ahead fortified by the sagacity of ageing.

To know more about BTMC’s Skincentric services, visit https://bukittinggimedicalcentre.com/skin-centric or call us at +6012-6841487.

Source: Global Health Asia Pacific