Admission and Discharge


Our pre-admission visits are designed to ensure that patients due to be admitted to our hospitals are fully prepared and informed about their upcoming hospital stay. These visits provide a friendly opportunity to speak with our team, raise any concerns, and discuss the possible outcomes of your scheduled procedure.

Pre-admission also allows our staff to carry out any necessary tests required before your admission so that our specialists have all the information they need to provide you with the best possible care.


Please check-in as soon as you enter the hospital to allow our experienced front office staff to provide you with any further paperwork required and guide you through the crucial stages of your hospital stay.

Once you have checked in, we will guide you to the right department and offer all the support you need. The front desk will then provide you with an identification wristband so that your name and medical information are readily available to our staff at all times.

Once you are settled in, our specialist teams will explain the upcoming procedure and guide you through anything else you need to know regarding your time with us.


Before you are discharged, our specialist consultants will discuss the outcomes of your admission, go through any potential test results, and explain to you the stages of care which follow. Once they deem you are fit and medically able, you are free to be discharged.

It is important to understand that, in many cases, you will need a responsible friend or family member to assist you after your stay. This is often a result of sedation or medications used as part of your treatment, and it is a requirement for us before we can discharge you.

Our experienced teams will provide you with advice on your immediate rest and recovery, including potential dietary guidelines and details of how much rest you should take before you are considered fit to perform a number of tasks.

Our specialists will lay out the future pathway for your care, whether it is a welcome all-clear or a discussion of when to expect further consultation or treatment. They will be on hand should you have any concerns after you are discharged. Do get in touch with your clinical team or relevant healthcare professional if you have any immediate concerns about your health upon discharge.