Room Rates

Discover the epitome of luxury and comfort at Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre's exclusive VIP Suites. Indulge in beautifully presented and soothing surroundings while receiving top-notch care. Additionally, our standard suites and multi-bed rooms ensure impeccable patient facilities within a comforting healthcare environment. At Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre's, we prioritize exceptional standards that place us at the forefront of clinical practice in the region. Explore our range of hospital rooms below and experience the highest level of care.

Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre Room Rates

VIP Suite

An exclusive and luxurious room for patients, offering spacious accommodations, personalized care, and enhanced amenities. Comes with a living room.

RM 450

Single Deluxe

Comfortable and well-equipped individual room, offering enhanced comfort and privacy compared to standard rooms.

RM 300

Single Bed

Standard private room for privacy, with essential medical care and a peaceful environment for a single patient.

RM 220

Double Bed

Shared accommodation for two patients, offering a cost-effective option and the support of a companion during hospitalization.

RM 150

Four Bed

Shared accommodation for multiple patients in a hospital, providing a cost-effective solution and fostering a sense of community and support during their stay.

RM 90


Designed to provide exceptional care for critically ill patients in a safe and controlled environment.

RM 350


Designed to provide intermediate-level care for patients who require a higher level of monitoring and treatment

RM 250

Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre Rooms

*Complimentary meals are provided to patients
*Rates are subject to change without prior notice