Health Screening

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Health Screening

Health Screening Triage (Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Body Weight, Height and Body Mass Index)
Full Blood Count
Renal Profile
Liver Function Test
Lipid Profile
Urine FEME
Fasting Blood Sugar
RM 77

Pink Wellness

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Pink Wellness

Female above 40

Pap Smear
RM 240

Remarks: For Health Screening and Pink Wellness, price is inclusive registration, doctor’s consultation, procedure fee and consumables

Protect Together

Influenza Vaccine

1 Pax
RM 80
2 Pax
RM 150
4 Pax
RM 290

Protect Yourself

Hepatitis B Vaccine

1 Dose
RM 70
3 Doses
RM 200

HPV Vaccine

1 Dose
RM 525
3 Doses
RM 1500

Pneumococcal Vaccine

(1 Dose)

From RM 150
Second and Third dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine is advised to be taken at 1st and 6th month
Second and Third dose of HPV Vaccine is advised to be taken at 2nd and 6th month

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